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A Resource

We would like to see the mill open to public soon as both a resource for education and information on the history of flour milling in Devon, river ecology and management of water courses in the twenty-first century, and also just a great recreational day out for the family.

IMG_0944But we’re not there yet!

We are in conversation with a number of professional bodies who are assisting us in this aim. Before we can be fully operational as a public amenity to some degree, we need to make sure the mill is a safe place! Although not one of the oldest to be found in Devon, she is still an old engine and visiting the site must be fully risk assessed.

If you are interested in visiting Lapford Mill please feel free to contact us through the Enquiries page, leaving contact details and your interest, and we will do our level best to accommodate, however until suitable liability insurance is in place this may not always be possible. PLEASE NOTE: Despite not running, the mill is still a hazardous environment with steep, narrow stairs and other dangers. You must take full responsibility for your own safety.

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