The news from the mill and restoration progress.

Welcome Visit from Stephen Bartlett

web-WMGsackWe were delighted to receive the very knowledgeable Stephen Bartlett, Chairman of the Wessex Mills Group to Lapford Mill this week. On the agenda where a number of technical challenges regarding the mill and the water course, overall horse-power, grease compounds and mill speed. We look forward to welcoming a larger group from The WMG soon!

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Weir Visit from Westcountry Rivers Trust

Adrian Dowding from the Westcountry Rivers Trust visited the weir yesterday and is very hopeful that we can secure the appropriate funding to fix the damage using ecologically sound technologies that allow the migration of multiple species in the river.  This will be an improvement on the previous structure which made it difficult for some species to cross the weir during the lower flow months in the summer.  Will keep you posted.

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Repairing Rotted Frames

With the help of a cherry-picker, we have finished repairs and repainted all the window frames on the mill and the house. Also managed to clear off the loose moss on the front roof of the house (the rear is proving trickier!).



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Cherry Picker Fun Weekend

IMG_0776The cherry-picker was tall enough to get over the top of the mill building and inspect & clear the gutters, trim back the ivy from under the eves and roof tiles, and clean the sides of the loft hoist.

Final job was to repair and re-paint the timber soffit & barge boards on the house. There are still a few hard-to-reach places in need of attention but these will have to wait until next year. I do so hate painting windows.

Many thanks to Albert & Rachel whose ongoing help and support with some of the tougher jobs has been invaluable.  Thank you!

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