Our aim is to place Lapford Mill once again at the centre of Lapford life as a resource for practical involvement, as well as information and education about Devon flour milling and to contribute to understanding regarding ecology and river management in the Twenty-first Century as well as being a delightful attraction to the area.


Why Friends?

The mill needs many hands to run! In the mill’s day, the miller would have a whole team of people to help operate and maintain the mill. From apprentices to paid staff and family, there would be a team of workers taking care of all the milling aspects, from operating the mill, controlling the water flow and the meal production, to maintaining all the heavy machinery and water courses, the work would be endless!

Now-a-days, a water mill works a lot less than it would have in days before, nevertheless it still needs a whole team of people to take responsibility for it. We are hoping to do this with a network of ‘Friends’ and volunteers who have an interest in operating and maintaining the water mill.

At present, the mill itself is ‘at rest’ whilst we get her in to shape for work. She is an old engine and much cleaning, dusting, greasing and caring is needed to get her in condition for work again.


Becoming a Friend

We are looking to establish a network of people who would be interested in registering their help to restore and operate this old machine, much of which we are planning now. If you would be interested in becoming a Friend of Lapford Mill then you can register by using the Register link on the right or by calling Alex on 07815 795918.

Restoration Work for Phase 1 – January 2016 – May 2016

  • Redress waterwheel timbers – Completed May 2015.
  • Balancing the waterwheel – Underway
  • Re-align vertical drive shaft and Wallower gear and fix firm – Underway
  • Grease and check alignment of all bearings – Underway
  • Repair missing wooden teeth in gearing – Not Started
  • Check & repair linkages, pulleys and sack hoist – Not Started
  • Clean out and inspect the tun (millstones x2) and re-dress. – Not Started
  • Assembly of the damsel, hopper, horse and tun (x2) – Not Started
  • Clean out the grist path from grain store to meal floor – Not Started
  • Clean and repair winnower – Not Started
  • Clear weeds and repair walls of mill leat – Started, but more work needed. It is about 1km long!
  • Stone repair to the weir – Underway. At approval stage with Environment Agency and MDDC.
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